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Travel Tips & Printable Travel Packing List

There's nothing worse than getting home from a trip and realizing you left something valuable behind in your hotel or vacation rental. It used to happen to me A LOT until I developed this plan and printable travel packing that I take with me wherever I go!

Print out this free checklist to ensure you don't leave anything behind when you're traveling.

I've done a good job of getting organized over the last year, but one area I really needed to tackle was my travel organization. Since I'm not a very frequent traveler, I've always had an issue keeping track of my things when I'm away from home.

I've left a new bathing suit hanging on a hook behind a hotel bathroom door, my favorite shoes underneath a bed where they were concealed by a fallen comforter, and brand new bottles of expensive shampoo and conditioner inside a hotel shower. That's just for starters.

My traveling forgetfulness issues became painfully evident after I managed to leave my hairdryer, flat-iron AND my laptop charging cord at a friend's lake house following a recent weekend getaway. After spending nearly $100 to replace everything, and spending several days berating myself for being an idiot, I vowed that I would never allow that to happen again. I needed a solution ASAP.

I thought about writing down every single thing as I packed it, and then checking the list whenever we were re-packing to leave, but since we were preparing for a week-long road trip with stays in three different locations and a minivan full of clothing, beach toys, food, and other odds and ends, I decided that wasn't going to be a viable option.

So, as always, I looked for the simplest idea. Rather than listing everything we were taking, I listed the things that we definitely did NOT want to forget. These included things like my laptop, various electronics and charging cords, camera, my girls' loveys that they sleep with every night, my husband's nice watch, my sunglasses, and my skincare products to name a few.

Granted, I would prefer not to leave anything behind, but I knew that if all the things on that list were accounted for, we'd be OK.

Before we left each hotel, I went down the list and verified that each thing on it was accounted for and packed. worked! We didn't forget a single thing. Well, at least nothing important.

I also made a list of the places we should always double-check before leaving our hotel or vacation rental. This includes often-overlooked places like outlets, tangled bedsheets, and hooks behind doors. I typed it out into a printable sheet that you can fill out with your own list of "Things NOT to Forget." 

I hope this printable travel list helps anyone else who suffers from vacation-forgetfulnessitis. Just click the link below. And then make sure you don't lose the list! (That's definitely something I would do). :)

Printable Travel Packing List

If anyone has any other tips to make vacations run smoothly, I'd love to hear about them in the comments. Happy & safe travels!

There's nothing worse than leaving something valuable behind in a hotel or rental when you're on vacation. This printable travel checklist will help you ensure that it never happens to you!

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Monday 6th of July 2015

This is always an issue for me! I try so hard to think of everything my kids will need that I inevitably end up forgetting my toothbrush, underwear and makeup or some combination like that. EVERY time. This is great, thanks!

Stacey @ Stacey Homemaker

Monday 6th of July 2015

Great tips! My mom has trained me to be the room checker over the years! haha Now, I can't check out before I triple check the room. I haven't lost anything yet, so she must have done a good job!


Monday 6th of July 2015

Great tips! You can never be too prepared especially when you have kids.


Monday 6th of July 2015

i'm obsessssssed with lists. I have them everywhere. I can never have enough post-its!


Monday 6th of July 2015

I love lists too! My only problem is that I often lose and/or forget the lists I make. :(


Monday 6th of July 2015

Thanks for the list! I am SUCH a list person... I would literally forget my head if it wasn't attached (please excuse the cliche, been at the computer since 9am). Usually when we take family trips, even if just an hour or so away, I always pack an emergency bag in the car which has filling snacks, coloring books, wipes, sanitizer and all the random stuff that takes up too much space, but you need to have. :)


Monday 6th of July 2015

That's a good idea. I've learned to always pack a medicine kit too. Children's Motrin, bandaids, bug spray, and benadryl. One of the kids always seems to always get an ailment of some sort when we are far away from a drugstore.

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