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DIY Christmas Wreaths for Dining Chairs

This post has been sponsored by JOANN. All text and ideas are my own. 

Add extra festive flair to your kitchen or dining room by adorning your chairs with these mini DIY Christmas wreaths. Below I'll show you how to make these easy, custom wreaths, and the best ways to hang them from your dining chairs or stools.

As our home slowly returns to normal post-Hurricane Harvey, I've started to get excited about decorating for Christmas. Nothing like a little bit of sparkle to help ease the post-Hurricane blahs.

Although the stores are already stocked with ready-made Christmas decor galore, I've been finding myself turning to DIY when it comes to my Christmas decorating ideas. There are a few reasons for this. One, I genuinely enjoy making things and crafting. Two, making my own decorations usually saves me money. But the most important reason I turn to DIY is this: I can make EXACTLY what I want rather than hunting through store after store looking for the perfect thing.

Because of this, I've been spending a lot of time at JOANN. Sometimes I go there with an idea in mind, and sometimes I just wander through the aisles until inspiration hits.

One DIY idea I had was to make small wreaths to hang on the back of our dining chairs and/or counter stools. I wanted something natural looking, but festive, that would go with our Christmas decorating theme (which is cozy and rustic with ivories, metallics, and pops of deep red).

I found the perfect supplies for my wreaths at JOANN, starting with these moss wreaths in the floral section.

small moss wreath

They were the perfect size, and also fit the natural/rustic part of my Christmas decor theme. These wreaths also came ready for hanging with an attached circular hanger at the top.

Across from the wreaths was an aisle packed with decorative pics and garland made from bendable wire. I grabbed a bunch of them in whites, reds, and golds, some with glitter and some without.

I also purchased burlap bows with gold glitter, ribbon for hanging, and gold pip berry garland. With my supplies in hand, I headed home to play.

Supplies for DIY Christmas wreath

How to Make the Wreath:

The great thing about the holiday craft picks at JOANN is that they're made with flexible wire, so you can easily bend and wrap them around your wreath. Using scissors or floral wire cutters, just snip off the individual "branches" from the craft pics, and wrap them around your wreath, poking the bottom of each strand into the wreath to secure.

Add as many or as few as you like! This is all about your individual tastes and preferences.

DIY Christmas wreath

You're not limited to using craft picks to decorate -- you could also wrap the wreath with ribbon, or attach mini ornaments. Do whatever you love!

Once you've got your wreaths made, you'll want to attach them to your dining chairs using ribbon.

How to attach a wreath to a chair:

There are a few ways you can attach your wreath, depending on the type of chair you've got. If you have an upholstered chair, my favorite way to attach it is to drape the ribbon over the back of the chair, and secure it with a tidy pin. Make sure you place the pin into the back crease of the chair cushion so that it won't poke your guests when they sit down.

If you've got a non-upholstered chair, you can use removable double-stick tape or velcro to adhere the ribbon to the top of the chair. Or, if you happen to have a chair with an open back, you can use the method pictured here.

Hang wreath over the back of a dining chair

Just wrap a piece of non-wired ribbon halfway around the middle spindle and then bring the two sides up and over the top of the chair back. Wrap the ribbon around the top of the wreath until it's the length you desire, and secure the two pieces of ribbon together with a straight pin. Then take a second piece of ribbon and tie a bow around the first ribbon, covering the spot where the ribbons are pinned together.

Of course, these wreaths can be used many other places other than chair backs. You can hang them from a balcony, prop them on a bookshelf, or use them in an entry way vignette.

It's a fun and simple project, and you'll end up with beautiful decor that represents YOU and your unique home. Are you going to try some Christmas DIY this year? If so, I'd love to see it! Post it on instagram and tag me at @goodinthesimple.

Happy crafting!


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Christina Nickles

Tuesday 9th of November 2021

What if there is no crease in the chair back, meaning its perfectly flat and smooth, no buttons or anything? Will the tidy pin most likely leave a hole? Other hacks/ideas? THanks!

Vonda Martinez

Monday 23rd of July 2018

I think your wreaths are beautiful!!! I need 2 for Christmas. Would you make them for Me? Thank you so much.

Sue Deaven

Tuesday 5th of December 2017

Very cute!


Sunday 26th of November 2017

Reading the post is already making me feel Christmassy! Although here in India we do not really celebrate Christmas, I've always loved the festival and used to decorate my small little Christmas tree as a child. Guess I would be making a few DIYs this year! Thank you for the post, Alyssa! http://www,

Linda Riley

Saturday 18th of November 2017

I love the wreaths. I did do a duty project but not sure if I like/Love or hate it. I'll send a pic, maybe!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.