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5 Simple Spring Decorating Ideas


Some parts of the country are still buried under snow right now, but here in Houston, spring weather is in full bloom. My natural decorating style includes a lot of warm earth tones (browns, golds, dark orange and dark red), and I always seem to gravitate toward those colors when I'm picking out things for our house. As the weather starts to warm up, however, those darker colors seem a little too heavy, and I start looking for simple, inexpensive decorating ideas to brighten things up and make the house feel a little lighter and ready for spring.

I don't like to spend a lot of time or money on seasonal decorating, but just a few little touches here and there can make a big difference and keep me from getting bored with my decor. Here are my five favorite easy ways to add a little bit of spring flair to my home.

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5 Simple Spring Decorating Ideas


I don't think there's anything prettier than fresh, bright yellow lemons. You can put them in a bowl, a vase, a bell jar, or any sort of container in your home. They're fresh and inexpensive (AND they can be used for cooking or cleaning when they start to get over-ripe). Lemons just scream "Spring!"


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Light colored throw

I love to drape a big cozy faux fur blanket over our couch in the fall and winter, but it just looks (and feels) way too heavy when the weather warms up. In the spring, I swap it out with this ivory throw to add some brightness to the room.


A simple throw costs a lot less than buying a bunch of new throw pillows for various seasons, but it still makes a big difference to the overall look and feel of a room. Depending on your decor, it would also be a fun way to add some pops of spring-y colors, like yellow, orange, or pink.

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Tall floral branches

I'm a notorious flower killer, but I love having something fresh (or at least fresh-looking) in our living room during the springtime. I use this big glass vase, and add tall stems — either fresh or faux. Can you tell which mine are? :)


I like using the tall stems because you only have to use a few to make a statement. If you can find fresh cherry blossom stems, they'd look beautiful (and supposedly they last a long time), as would pussy willow branches.

Printable art

One of my favorite things on Pinterest is the vast array of free artistic prints that you can print at home at your computer and put in a frame. It adds instant seasonal flair to your home, and you can find one to match any decor or style.

This one is from Emily at My Love For Words.

5 Simple Spring Decorating Ideas

Here is another pretty one I found on the Ella Claire blog.


Like, I said, Pinterest is FULL of beautiful spring printables, and if you don't find anything you like there, Etsy is another great resource. You can put your printed art in freestanding frames or wall frames, and it would be a quick way to add some seasonal decor to a gallery wall if you have one.

Home Accents

Adding a spring accent or two to a mantel, bookshelf, entry table, or ledge can add just the right touch of seasonality without going overboard. I like looking for accents that have a spring feel, but are a little on the subtle side. Some favorite accents include bikes, birds, air plants, succulents, terrariums, and pineapples.


Just a few inexpensive additions and swaps can really brighten things up, make your home feel more light and airy, and get you in the mood for the warm spring weather ahead. I'd love to hear your ideas for simple spring decorating, so please share in the comments!

Happy spring!

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Emily @ My Love for Words

Sunday 20th of March 2016

I love seeing my printables being used by others! Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Spring! :)


Sunday 20th of March 2016

Of course! I love how it looks in the house. :)

Linda Riley

Saturday 19th of March 2016

Wonderful ideas, I am so pathetic when it comes to decorating, so thanks! I will try to be a better seasonal decorator. I might be more inclined to decorate if a certain special 2 little girls were around to see!!!????


Saturday 19th of March 2016

Hopefully they'll be there before too long! And your house already looks airy and springy without any decorating needed. Mine tends to be feel like a cabin unless I make an effort to lighten things up. I've always said I'd love a cabin style home with wood beams, lots of fur blankets, and a giant fireplace...I digress...

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